I'm a product designer.
Mexico Native, SF based, energetic UX Designer with 10+ years experience in non-profit, leadership, graphic design, branding, web, & mobile. Striving to add value to our workplace & the users with positivity & determination.
Let me show you how I make design decisions by exploring the case studies bellow.

Seatbelts please.
Born & raised in the Yucatán Peninsula,  I lived a charming tropical life, & because of that, you'll see me wear flip flops even in winter.
I didn't know English when I came to the US, so I learned to communicate by drawing cartoons for my peers, & later became a Graphic Designer.
I came out as gay & struggled to find support, so I hitch-hiked west until I found refuge in San Francisco. I was greeted with open arms & continued my education to become a Product Designer.
Help along the way has made me eternally grateful & compassionate, & I've learned the skills to communicate and connect with people of all walks of life. This gives me unique insights into user research and behavior.
Resilience is key. I want to tell my story because I am proud to have turned every major struggle in my life into a positive, & this is how I approach design by insisting in finding the right solution, one problem at a time!
on social media, I keep it friendly, non-controversial, & full of art & design. Check out what I'm working on...

Thank you.